Thursday, February 14, 2008

To Ryan

My love and will always be.

Thank you for extending your patience in me. Life has been very challenging to us, yet you remain beside me. You make me laugh with my antics in times when I feel like crying – which is almost everyday. Your chipmunks’ imitation never fails my laugh hormones. It’s very therapeutic. At times whenever I feel like wanting to skip classes and sleep instead, you push and wake me up. Although I don’t give a very nice response, later on I realize how helpful it is. No AF’s for me because of that.

Remember our Holy Cross vigil at Pelaez? For me, it made a good start in our relationship. I knew that God moved us with His hands and brought us together. I was at first hesitant. My love for you could never be enough to compete with God’s. It will never be. I was afraid of getting hurt. Yet God proved His magnificence and generosity for sharing the love to me. They were wrong when they said you couldn’t wear a slipper on one foot and a shoe on the other. Both are footwear. Your love for God can never be replaced by mine. It will always be your vocation.

Every time we pray together, I am amazed at how you speak to God. I have learned from you how to offer one’s self and surrender everything to Him. I am astounded at the way you think and pray for other people, even for those you do not know of. You have taught me how to be true to Him, how to acknowledge His ways and how to love God.

In ways I cannot count, thank you.

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