Thursday, June 05, 2008

In a Strange Place

I wasn't really sure about coming to Manila for work. I never thought that I'd leave my hometown for a great job offer in a place where I had always seen on TV as crowded and filthy.

Manila isn't that bad at all. It's been a month since my first day, and I sort of like the place already. Yes, some places here smell bad. The traffic is very bad. My worst complain about here is that everything necessary is expensive! A hundred pesos is not enough for the whole day. I have asked myself how can I survive in a place like this.

I used to walk home from school. I used to go home for lunch so that I could save some amount of money. I used to go to malls without a peso in my pocket. I would hang out with my barkada and not worry about spending too much. Because back at home, spending too much meant spending my money's worth.

Here in Manila, I always worry - what to eat, where to go and how to make use of my time. All those worries with another thought of how to get over those with spending only less.

Now, somehow I have gotten over those worries. I have learned how to struggle and survive from those struggles. I just wish that soon, I will have him with me here in this strange place.

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