Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sometimes All You Have to Do is Listen

I understand that we are not kids anymore. That most of the time our minds have a lot to express. We get very occupied with work and other things that we feel obliged or responsible on. Sometimes those things cloud up our minds and later on create a huge mood storm.

It is good to be mature - to feel, think and talk. Yet it doesn't mean that if we feel very responsible on something, we have to forget to be human. Maybe we have forgotten how it is to care, to show affection at and simply love. In those times, we forget ourselves, the people around us and Him.

We are human, not robots who just need batteries or keys to be winded up. We don't need oil to live, but hearts to feel alive.

The best way then to assure ourselves that we are still humans is to listen. Listen to the heart that beats, our loved-ones' advice and concern, and God's prayer to us. Yes, I believe that God also prays to us - not really pray like we do, but His response or form of refuge that He shares to those who need it. We don't have to say anything, we just have to open our ears, minds and hearts to loving forms of speech.

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