Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Confessions (Part 1)

The university welcomed her with a newly-found BFF. They clicked instantly together - watched the same cartoon series, shared the same food and gave each other the reason to smile and get excited for the next day of class.

After being the freshmen, they went to sophomore level with their hands together - a commitment that they vowed not to break.

Everything went smoothly, as this was his first ever try of a relationship. She managed it perfectly well.

All good things come to an end, so they say.

He had to cut the knot without any reason he gave her. She just stood there, crying, hoping that he'd find the right words to say to her. Hours of still crying and the threat of an asthma attack, she retreated. It was a case lost.

Numb and still breaking, she lost her way to alcohol and nicotine. Her brain was all consumed with intoxicating substance that even her friends did not know her anymore.

He was there, from afar. No one knew what he had been up to after the tragic moment of losing his other half.

Fate brought them together - for her it was rather a choice. She chose to discover what had happened. She wanted to get to the bottom of it. She wanted to know the answers of so many questions - unasked and unthinkable.

Then there it was.

After long years of silence and hiding, he had come to his true self - although not yet ready to admit the fact, and the truth. He was as well lost in his own world which was filled with confusions, hesitance and lies.

He couldn't admit before that he, too, liked to wear that pink halter dress she wore on a friend's birthday party. He too fancied on Brad Pitt and now, David Archuletta. He just found it so hard to face the mirror and see a man yet feels like a woman does inside.

Now, the two still considers themselves as BFFs - working in the same company, laughing at the handsome guy yet with short legs and sharing meals everyday.

She's happy with her life. He's happy with his own (self) too.


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Khenlee said...

hi.. just dropping by=)

Kit said...

hahaha... i still have the hardest time dealing with people who have a lot of issues within them. are there any what-should-we-do stuff ever discovered to help us somehow the moment we encounter people like them? dealing with their vague responses i think really requires a lot of techniques.