Monday, September 22, 2008

Planned Surprises

or surprisingly planned?

Whichever way is better.

Last night, Ryan called up to deliver a sweet news. He quit his job. It's part of our whole plan. Staying in a company which barely compensated its employees' hard work and dedication was such a waste. He would find another job in an organization which can provide all the benefits any passionate employee deserved.

"I resigned."
What? What do you mean resigned?
"It means effective immediately. Like right now lab. As in karon."
Oh...I didn't see that coming.
"But it was all part of the plan, diba?"
Yes, it is. Of course. It's just that I am surprised with the news. I knew that this time would come but I didn't realize that we've arrived to this time.
"I expected nothing less on your reaction. The way you said your big HAAAAAAAA????!!! was also the same way you said it when I told you I went out of the seminary."

Life indeed is full of surprises. Cliche, because surprises really attack you at the back. Well, that's why it's called suhrpraaayzes. I just realized that no matter how we plan our whole life, or even just a part of it, still we can't be in control on any detail. I concede. It's the work of God. Giving us surprises when we don't feel like doing anything. Bumming around, sitting in a corner with a book, coffee, watching anime, pasta, etc. Well, I attest to that because those were what I've been doing for two whole days.

Keep 'em coming!


Lemuel Kit said...

hahaha... life's full of surprises indeed. as they said, it's like a chocolate box. you'll never know what you're gonna get next. im glad you're can now be together. it's good that both of you are making some effort to work your relationship out. im wishing you guys all the best in life. go on and multiply!

Lemuel Kit said...

Erratum (chos):

"im glad you're can now be together."

*Im glad you can now be together... hahaha...

amidaLea said...

buing lage ka kit...hahaha