Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Hate Goodbyes

...but this has to end.

So you say and keep on telling me.

Because you flattered me with every word you say.
Because you made me feel special - and that I deserved to be.
Because you made my heart beat faster than it actually did.
Because you put color on my cheeks, though you never saw how I blushed.
Because you made me realize that after everything dumb and rotten I had done, I still had to be happy.
And with you, I was happy.

Because you were there when I most needed someone decent and comfortable to talk with - or to.
Because you lifted up my spirits, letting me see the moon behind the darkness of the sky.
Because you hugged me like no one else did - realizing that emoticons are not just yellow-colored mood faces.
Because you cared like I had been your bestfriend - when you told me things and kept your promises to secrets never to be revealed.
Because you were patient in listening to my stories and polite enough to tell your own too.
Because it was as if the kisses were real - making me smile and warmed up infront of my pc.
Because you disturbed me (or i think it's the other way around) at work, in the sweetest way.
Because the inspiration made me excited to work - punctual at all times.

Because we dreamed together. Of the sunset, sand and soul.
Because we planned to escape reality - its harshness which made us cry, weep and mourn.
Because it was a date to remember - making me look forward to the day that I would be flying to your arms.
Because it was an escape that I dreamed of - like a drug. Though you cannot be the air or the sun for me. But at least.
Because it wasn't the least. It was more than anything to me.
Just because.

But things had to be straightened up.

Because both of us agreed not to turn into the monsters we so loathed and feared of.
Because we will never be like them.
Because we will never be.

Because we know where we are at, where we are supposed to be and where we should be.

To these and everything that had been, I am very thankful.

Moments left and moments gone.

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