Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Random LEA-ish Things

1. I love doing and giving scrapbooks or any handmade craft. i think it's fun and it also doesn't cost me much.
2. My longtime and ultimate crushes are Piolo, JC de Vera and Prince William.
3. I regularly check Bianca Gonzalez' blog. I'm such a fan of her. I have lots of magazines with her face on it back in high school.
4. I easily get sick and puke on almost anything and everything, and anywhere. Long rides, car and air fresheners, perfumes, smoke and more!
5. I am allergic to seafood. All of them!
6. My ultimate dream is to own/franchise a KFC branch. Although Ryan doesn't like the idea. Malulugi kame. Hah! I love KFC to death.
7. I once struggled with a cellphone robber. I kept on telling him the phone was mine while trying to tear off his shirt and skin!
8. My dream phone then got lost in the office but had been returned after a few months somewhere near where it was stolen. Sheesh! Now I have two of them!
9. In high school graduation, I was called on stage to receive a medal that wasn't really mine. Typographical error on the program. I had to go up on stage and receive it with my parents' shocked faces. What award? Special Award in Physics. ^___^
10. I used to win writing long and boring (and stupid) essays in high school.
11. My baon in grade school was always a pair of crackers/cookies/biscuit and zest-o.
12. In first grade, I used to go to my bestfriend's classroom and ask 1 peso from her so that I can buy "ice buko."
13. I was always in Row 4 in grade school.
14. I used to be known as the "apo ni Kap". I also used to think I was famous in our barangay.
15. I tell jokes a lot, although they don't sell to my officemates.
16. I have a fettish for armpits. I love to sleep with my face on Ryan's armpit. Hahah!
17. I am OC when it comes to comfort rooms. I never want to pee or even get inside dirty bathrooms. I always clean ours. I am the only who cleans ours!
18. I don't have any white panty. I always love them with prints and in colorful pieces.
19. I can dare to watch Cartoon Network and Disney Channel even without meals back in CDO, even when I have grown up.
20. I know a lot of Disney songs by heart.
21. I'd like to think I can beat a man at billiards. Hey, I grew up watching and playing with my father and other grown-ups.
22. I think I should be named Amidala. I have a thing for Starwars.
23. In fourth year high school, I tried practicing soccer so I can catch my crush's attention as he used to be a member of the varsity in another school. Now, my hunny is one soccer superstar in college!
24. I love everything European. Another ultimate (ang daming ultimate) dream is to travel around Europe. I also used to envy my father and consider becoming a sea"woman" so I can travel places.
25. I am the only person in our family who can pacify anyone in the family whenever there's something bad happening. I know I am.

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