Monday, October 04, 2010

Day 4: Your favorite photograph of your best friend

I seriously consider quite a handful of people as my best friends. Mainly because I am such an extremist. I am a bit the extrovert and needless to say, I could hang out with just anybody else. ;)

However, I give the title to my "bestfriendship", Isay. She was born only 10 days after me. They used to stay at their house below ours. We grew up together and shared almost everything. Looking at our old photo albums, I would always be present in hers, and she in mine. There is this one particular photo though, during my first birthday, that I wanted to post but unfortunately it's back home in CDO. It was that time that we blew my cake candles together. But this one I am going to post, something I am really proud of her:

Congratulations to Isay. She received her diploma last March and is currently working at an architectural firm. She's also preparing for her licensure exam. I really hope she makes it. She will also be my Maid of Honor, although there's a bit of insecurity on my part. Hahaha! She will be prettier than the bride! LOL

Most people would also, of course, agree that the boyfriend should be the best friend. Thus,

This photo was taken three years ago, still fresh then. This had always been in both our phones.


alfie amontos said...

wow! best of friendship! that's cool!

Lea Udasco said...

alfieeee! u blog dba? lets share links!

Lea Udasco said...
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