Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Little drops of rain trickled down the window.
The metro almost drowned in traffic and rainwater.
We stared at each other, with eyes promising a glorious night
From your eyes, I looked down to your lips,
hungry to touch it with mine
Then you moved closer and I melted
Under the sheets our bodies swayed in rhythm
Like a choreographed dance
And in trance, we bade the night like there's no tomorrow
Like we're the only people alive
The sad truth of the sun coming out, signaled the end of our slumber
I pulled away. Not because I don't want you.
Only because I don't want to be engulfed in a closer space that is "us".
Because there can never be in between a plus.
A dream, in sleep,
But everything was true I just can't keep.
Casually we kissed goodbye.
Unknowing how will the days go by
Will there be more?
What about after four?
When we know that more means drowning in ourselves, in us.
The night it had to end,
I hid myself under the sheets.
Tears poured and a stab that no one can mend
I was happy for you but not for me
For tomorrow I'll see you smile
But I, sorrowful eyes to hide
I know someday I can be free.

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