Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the challenge

breaking up is a challenge. it signifies the end of a relationship, which means that it will be a different world from then on. on the other hand, it also means that there might be a better life ahead.
more than a year ago, a relationship i thought will last started. being in love was indeed a great feeling. i felt comfortable and secured with the other person. we shared a lot of things. we enjoyed being together. "we're meant to be forever", we would say to one another.
but just last month, things were becoming difficult for us. and so we decided to cut the tie. but never did our friendship die with it. it was our promise, that no matter where life takes us, even if we're still together or not, we shall remain friends. it was hard at first because love don't fade with jst a snap of my fingers. we just know that we can't be together anymore. maybe not now, perhaps. because we never know what is really meant for us. what if a year from now i'd still be holding my hands with his nce again?
maybe it's really the end of our story. but i'm keeping my hopes high. another guy might enter into the picture and i might have found my romeo. anyway, i'm not in a hurry. i know fro sure that the sun will always be there, enough to keep my day bright.

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