Thursday, July 27, 2006

be disturbed

i'v been having sleepless nights..i feel disturbed - not that im mad or what. but i just feel bothered. i read books so i could sleep but's like drinking a half-dozen cups of coffee. my mind is so restless yet my body already begs to be put on bed with my pillows. in school, i seem so normal but i don't feel so. i've been really busy with xello projects, helping alfie out, visiting streams office, making reflection and reaction papers for bro. bava while getting a curvy "c", doing a report on ma'am bheng's class and failing it, making not-so-bad-literary pieces, reading beowulf, sir gawain and the canterbury tales, and shaking on dr. mark's oral recitations, going out with friends, watching "my girl"(ain't julian such a prince?)...oh yeah! i've been doing all these stuff...sometimes i even wonder how my body can manage to do all these with the semester just starting two months ago.
look at my picture...what can you see? my face is just on one side of the whole picture, i'm smiling but my eyes try hard to be happy, the right side of my face is on the bright side while the other is in darkness...

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