Friday, August 11, 2006

blue strings

the dimples, the eyes...simply the face already rocks my world.

it was on december 10, 2005 (so untimely to make a blog) when i saw him in real body... the band's concert started late but my hopes did not get low. i just wanna see him perform, strum the strings of his skyblue guitar. when i heard the ooh's and aah's, my mind can't decide whether i should scream as well or to stand up with the rest of the crowd inside the gymnasium. I DID BOTH! Hail Hale, the gang's all here!!! my friends, who already knew how fanatic im with the band, even were surprised of how "uncivilized" i behaved. hahah! i cared nothing. my eyes were glued on champ's angelic face an my ears could hear nothing but his voice. i felt as if i have seen my soulmate! hahahah! just like my first time to see a movie in a cinema.Ü their music is slow jam but my adrenaline rush is too high. as if i'm on a metallic rock concert. i couldn't help shouting his name. CHAMP! C-H-A-M-P! like a cheerleader of a football team. i also found it funny that i was pissed off with other girls calling his name. i wanted to fight them and insist that he's mine. yes, he is..inside me..

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