Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eating Ice Cream at Four in the Morning

At four in the morning, with the aircon system broken down, the heat was intolerable. My face shined with grease. I had to tie my shoulder-length hair. I even changed my seat–from a high back to a swivel chair, so that wind from the electric fan could hit me straight on my back. My pink sleeveless was not enough to remedy the warmth inside the thick-walled office. How ironic when I usually rant and freeze on those cold shifts. But then, the system broke off and my officemates and I could only just wait for the electrician to finally fix the machine.

Vanina and I went out to buy an ice cream–just enough for the two of us. The cold early morning air was refreshing, compared to what we had inside the office. I picked Nestle Chuckie Ice Cream with white, milk and super chocolate flavors in one tub. Mmmm… For how many months, I could not recall, when I had my last taste of that cold creamy and sweet food. I forgot already. I thought I could consume half the tub, but then to my surprise, one cup was too much to bear the sweetness with. Had it been too long that I could no longer indulge myself eating ice cream.

One thing I realized that time was that I already had the luxury to buy myself what I wanted to eat, even at the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t have to ask my folks to buy me after some time since I asked them. I grabbed fifty pesos in my wallet and paid Vanina half of the ice cream price. I didn’t have to ask money and permission from them. I didn’t know if that was the sign of my independence to them. I wouldn’t dare ask for independence but I guessed it just came unexpectedly. Well, I expected a bit that after some time, I would have to go out on my own and live my life the way I want it to be. Yet, I thought the time was too soon.

My tiresome and underpaid job somehow gave me a sort of freedom. But I knew that freedom did not stop from its dictionary meaning. It entailed more than that. I understood that buying ice cream at four in the morning could mean more than just relieving heat.

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