Wednesday, November 28, 2007

He Wanted Him

Tita Lenie’s birthday was celebrated at the beach resort. The whole family asked me to go with them. I simply couldn’t. It was Holy Week and my family was supposed to attend masses and other church events. It was not a time for celebrations. Carlo asked to go to my house and ask permission to my parents. However, there was nothing we could do. I was not allowed.

Sweet text messages connected us. He was at some island get-away while I was stuck in the house, only allowed to go out for church. Automatically, we missed each other. Next time we knew, we loved each other. That started our love affair. We went to the same classes and shared meals together at school. How big was my smile when with him. A year then, things went not so good in our relationship. We simply had to find time alone with ourselves and perhaps think if we should try it again. We did, after three months. Again, we began another chapter of romance. More of romance, I supposed. I went to his house and shared wonderful moments with him. His family loved me even more. More to that was Tita Lenie’s open-heartedness to me. Abbie, Carlo’s elder sister, always invited me to their house. I was always welcome. It felt like they wanted me to be Carlo’s future wife.

Everything seemed perfect. It was like nothing ever could come between us. But, it was what I knew of. Carlo knew of something else.

I left for Davao for a convention. Three days, I half-heartedly enjoyed my trip. I never got a call or a text message from Carlo. What could have happened, I thought to myself. It was the first time we stopped connecting. I got home to CDO and couldn’t reach him. A week later, he texted me that he went to Zamboanga for a convention also. Relieved, probably that was why he couldn’t text me. We then experienced our worst fights. A fight without actually fighting. Silence filled our mouths and our bodies couldn’t do anything about us. We were static.

I opened my friendster account and read a message I got from Carlo. I hope we can be bestfriends. Things can’t work out the way before. Tears and sweat filled my face. My cousins calmed me down. Stop crying, Melanie. I did. I then went out to call him, to look for him. Whether in hell, I would go where he was.

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