Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Times

My mother went to Iligan City and spent Christmas with relatives whom she hadnt seen for a long time. Ryan chose to stay here in CDO and have a noche buena with me.
Yes, this year is different. This is the first time when my mother is away and the first time I have a boyfriend with me on Christmas dinner.
Morning until in the afternoon, I got busy preparing for an inexpensive dinner. By the time the clock turned at 12 midnight, we had adobo, chocolate cake, fresh vegetable salad, spaghetti and sinugba to feast on. It actually felt good to have prepared all those food for my father, uncles and boyfriend to share with. All these men in my life have been very helpful to me and have inspired my life. I thank them and hopefully wish I can prepare New Year's media noche!

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