Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas and New Year Text Greeting Collection

May peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! Enjoy this day guys with your family! Merry Christmas! -Mark Liston
"Vive bene, spesso l'amore, di risata molto"...Live well, love much, laugh often...Merry Christmas to you and your family.. -Gillian
Parts, happy Christmas! May Jesus Christ give you and your familythe blessings you deserve! -Zed
"Vive bene, spesso l'amore, di risata molto"...Live well, love much, laugh often...Merry Christmas to you and your family..-Don J
It's Christmas! What shall you give to the Lord on His day? If you have never trusted in Him as you savior, the thing He desires from you is a believing heart. If by faith, you already know Christ as your savior, then the most wonderful thing you can give is the one He most desires to receive-your body. Give your all to Christ, He gave His all for you. Wise men still seek Jesus. Merry Christmas! Peace and joy be with you! -Chichi
To migas y migos who've made this year, the past years, and hopefully the years to come, a series fo fortunate events: Thank you! Happy holidays and xoxo -Sigrid
Feliz Navidad mis chicos-chicas! 'tis the perfect time and excuse to get fat! Hahaha! lovelovelove -RQ
Merry Christmas. God bless. =) -Dianne(Nick)
Maayong Pasko higala. Mas malipayon akong pasko tungod kanimo. Katawa, pahiyom daghan. Kumbira ug ayaw kalimot kalibang aron di mabutoran. Tun-og ra ba! -Philip
Merry Christmas... You're so special... -Bem
Merry Christmas! -Mich
Weee! Merry Christmas rowers! Love you all! hehe! -Lyla
Christmas is just around the corner. I want to take this opportunity to express my warmest greetings to you and your family. May you have a wonderful Christmas. God bless. -Cheche
Mustamos na? Has santa visited you already? Hmmm... Be good lagi para magvisit sya ninyo. Ahahah. Anyways, this is the right time to greet you guys Merry Christmas. Thank you for gracing STREAMS with your presence. May God always bless you with goodhealth with your family as well. May you share your light as well to others. Keep rowing! -Jade
"On Christmas morning you are walking with a smile, you'll hold me in your arms, we'll watch the snowflakes fly...and then I realize how sweeter life can be. Oh the memories always take me back on time, on Christmas morning...: Mewii Chwistmas mownin. -Adeline
From my family to yours...a merry, merry Christmas! May the spirit of the Yuletide season always be with us and fill our hearts with happiness.. God bless.. -Yzra
Hi Lea! Wishing you and your loved ones the best of the season. Great Christmas! -Alp
Friends, advance happy new year! I really don't know what to say in particular but I hope you'll appreciate my sincerity in wishing you happiness, luck and success in 2008. -Lou Bryan
Advance happy new year to you and your family. God bless. Love yah all.. -Lorne
The world can offer a lot but even having them all won't ensure our contentment. What we value defines our happiness. And what we keep spells our purpose..Happy New Year! -Aian
Howdy! Thank you for being with me this year. I expect a more gracious and helpful relationship between each other with the rest of our friends the next whole year round. Advance happy new year! -Alp
Happy new year mga gwapa! Thanks for making my 2007 complete! God bless you and your pipz! Hehe! I hope you'll still be my prettiest friends come 2008! -Raphael
Happy new year to you. God bless you and your family always. Thank you sa tanan. -Ailel
Have a blissful New Year Ms. Lea! I pray and wish you a fruitful and filled woth love 2008! You've been a blessing to your friends and family throughout the year...Stay beautiful! God bless you and your loved ones. Have a happy new year ahead! -Lyla
'07 was a year filled with joyful, surprising, heart-wrenching, suffering, grieving, mourning, laughing, happy moments of my life. To you who have witnessed and stayed with me through thick and thin, thank you. I will never be able to survive all this without you... For all my shortcomings, I want to say I'm sorry.. May this new year bring us new hope.. and may our bond of friendship grow stronger all throughout the year! I love you guys! mwah! Happy new year! -Paula
Happy new year friendly friends! God bless us all and our families this 2008. -Adeline
Happy new year each and everyone! God bless always and take care! celebrate the year with joy! auau.. -Telyn
Hi lea.. Happy new year! Salamat sa '07.. May this '08 bring forth greater peace and love in mindanao and our country especially to you and your family.. Healthy year! God bless and enjoy.. -Arbie
Happy new year le! -Bea
Aloha moi amigoz...We part ways with 2007 I know our friendship retain! Thank for wrapping up my life..Together where we say hello to 2008..! God bless... -Bashi
Good morning..Happy new year..a brand new life in a brand new year is on..May we all embrace God's love for us. Let's be thankful for giving us another year to live..weew..welcome 2008! -Charice
I pray that happiness be at your door. May it knock early, stay late and leave the gift of God's peace, love, joy and good health behind..Happy New Year! - Dickel

To all, here is my reply:

Thank you. I mean it. Let's dance for God's love.

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Sandra Cooper said...

Wow, reading these new year messages makes my heart be filled with excitement for the new year. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Cooper xxxx