Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Irony of Ironies

The world is very confusing. Encounters with people teach me things in life which I don't expect to be the way they are, or the way I think they are. Nonetheless, I find meaning in these ironies later on. To enumerate such things will take me forever to finish. See if you can relate to any of my experiences.

- My niece Banana wants me to help her with her homework everynight yet only after few minutes beside her trying to decode her grade-one handwriting, she tells me I don't know her lessons. She's a child. Forgiven.

- Mom nags at me and tells me I nag. She's my mother anyway.

- Dad buys my mom skinny jeans, dresses and flats. To think they're 50 and over! But sweet, aint it?

- My sister, who is thin and fair-skinned, doesn't like dressing up. If only I have her figure I would've been a fashion freak.

- At first, I thought Ryan was the playboy type. I saw him with different girls a lot of times (and I mean a lot of times!) but now you can only see him with me. Hahaha!

- My diabetic uncle whose eyesight is damaged by his illness, still plays billiards well. Imagine him measuring angles to let that striped-yellow ball drop in the corner pocket.

- My super duper alocholic uncle, who have been to the hospital many times because of blood discharge, hides his packet of Tanduay in the plant pots outside our house. Old people never learn.

- My aunt fervently goes to church but swears like a monstrous witch, or anything worse you can think of.

- Rye2, a close friend and classmate, talks a lot about anything but gets a stomach ache everytime our teacher asks her during oral recitations. She's pretty but is scared of what might other people say when she tries what's in.

- Classmate Philip looks nerd but really isn't. He is the school paper's EIC but secretly wants to do tough organization chores like carrying boxes and other heavy stuff which men are always asked to do. He also wants to run errands such as buying ice during parties and just be the man.

- Johanna always says she hasn't studied for quizzes and the like. However, when we all get our results, it looks pretty well that she prepareres a lot for them.

- Lalang, the big lady who is the Department of Physical Enhancement head and plays softball during intrams, suddenly gets a french-tip manicure and wears really cute trinkets. Hmmm...I wonder to whom she makes effort for.

- My supervisor at work, whom everyone says is very kind, does not appear kind to me. What I mean is that I fear silent people, those types who rarely complain. I'm more casual with the other supervisors who are strict at work.

- Before I have thought some of my co-employees don't earn that much since they have easier tasks than I do (I think so...) but I am shamed when they always go to Jollibee for a snack break. I've just known that my earning is barely half than theirs.

- In the office during my shift, which is from 10pm until 6am, music played in the radio is a Disney soundtrack album. Zero to Hero of Hercules, Gaston's song for Belle, The Bear Necessities of Baloo from The Jungle Book, and the like...listened by web editors, link specialists and their supervisors with ages ranging from 19 (that's me) to 30 (I guess).

- Before, I disliked sleeping. I thought it only makes me skip moments which could've been productive and exciting. Now, I beg to get sleep because of my work.

- I like taking pictures but am not photogenic. I always envy others who can pose the friendster way.

From others:

- A person asks "Are you ok?" to another who is crying, sick, wounded and just someone who obviously does not look like he is.

- Teacher: "Class, get a one-fourth piece of paper..."
Student/s: "Sir, one-fourth?"
If I would be the teacher, I'd give them earbuds in our next meeting. if I am excluded to such students. I think I've asked my teacher once or several times before.

- People whom we teach our skills with (eg. playing the guitar and chess) become better at it than we are.

More from others:

- Filipinos vote for Erap, and two years later, they evict him out of MalacaƱang.

- Gloria swears not to run for president in 2004, but files the candidacy form and gets the position.

- Joma Sison founds the CPP NPA in 1968. Since 1987 though he is somewhere living a wonderful life in Denmark, and his members are somewhere thriving to survive in the mountains of Cordillera and other jungles in Visayas and Mindanao.

- Is it only in our country that a convict gets elected in Congress (Jalosjos) and Senate (Trillanes and Honasan)?

- Filipino homes, from grand mansions to shacks, have TV sets. Even to families who hardly eat thrice a day. Ask them about Maging Sino Ka Man and the latest of The Buzz, they are quite reliable sources.

- Why is Jihad a holy war? How can violence be holy?

- Why isn't Euthanasia merciful? Aren't we supposed to try our very best to save a person's life?

...keep posted for more...or comment if you can add more

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