Friday, January 11, 2008

Hmmm...What would I Write About?

5:50 in the morning. Just ten minutes before I log off my PC. Waiting for time to pass, wanting to write but too tired to think of anything.

Officemates are already standing up, too excited to finally go home and hit the bed. After eight hours of work, I can't wait to go to my place and sleep beside my Prince Charming. Nothing to worry about. I don't have to hurry. No film and practicum classes. What a relief.

Six minutes left. The sky outside slowly welcomes the rising sun. I wonder where that sun is. It's been a long time since we've met. It's been days already when the surrounding is still shady when I walk for home. I miss the sun. By the time I wake up, I can't have the chance to look at it the way it beautifully looks in the morning. The wind might be blowing it away. Yes, I've been suffering from cold nights and mornings. And I have been suffering from warm afternoons. Nothing offered to me in between.

Three minutes. The office becomes noisy as first-shifters arrive. Obviously, they have gotten the privilege of bathing while I take my baths the afternoons. After work, after classes, After sleeping. I don't have a fixed schedule anymore. My body clock seems to...

It's six in the morning. Good morning to everyone!

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