Monday, January 14, 2008

Melon, when are you getting married?

Ryan, are we getting married sooner? It seems like the folks are asking for it! Yeah...when am I getting married? They hear wedding bells!
Just this evening, Uncle Milo asked me when will be my big day. My relatives were talking about my cousin's wedding. Manang Che will be tying the knot with Carlos (aka Dao Ming Su) on July. Then suddenly they wondered who will be next! And they thought of me! Oh my...what were they thinking of?! Well, and I realized that the eldest single next to Manang Che would be ME!!!! I couldn't help laughing...They're asking for it! Uncle Milo laughed saying that they would wait until I finish college. It's in March already! There's Manang Cathy, but she's six months pregnant. Secondly there's Marlou, but to hell if he would want to marry or not. Who else would be next?
Damn, it's me alright.
I will get married to Ryan, but not yet. I'm still 19, he's 21. Maybe some few years later, we'll talk seriously about that.
As I opened my inbox in multiply, I found two photo updates from girl friends. Bibit posted her pictures with her boyfriend. Haven't met him yet, but for sure I will. I can't help but laugh at their pictures. They're so sweet. How I wish I always have a camera at hand and take pictures of me and Ryan! Then I navigated to Adeline's site. Her "La Lang" posts were with Mark, just sweet moments.
With my salary, I'm planning to purchase a new cam by Feb. I can't wait to capture moments with Ryan and share it to all! =)
So, what will be my dream wedding? I don't want to be realistic here, just in my dreams ok? I would want it to be in the most beautiful church I think is, the Roman Catholic Basilica of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. It would be enough to have the dinner in nearby hotels, or maybe everyone could fly to Mauritius and have a Carribean mode of celebrating the union! Then our honeymoon would be in Europe. Ryan and I have dreamt of touring around the continent, and enjoy the wonderful places.
And what will be my realistic dream wedding? I'll just keep it to myself. I don't want to spoil the event.

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