Wednesday, January 23, 2008

it rained one tuesday evening

the stars shone like fireflies dancing in the velvet sky. i sat in a long wooden bench with my cousin, gazing up and talking with one another. it had been centuries since our last serious and corny talk. it had been about me and my mishaps in life. this time, he was the one who needed a listening ear.

our neighbor's red Elantra passed by.

my cousin Charlie and I had always been open with our loves and lives. he challenged me to do things the nasty and naughty way, while i restricted him and made him behave in the proper manner. we liked and hated the same relatives of ours. we loved one another and hated the rest of our nosy clan.

a green Starex van passed by.

Charlie opened up something to me-a topic he hesitated to talk over with other people. this problem had been bugging him for ages already. he did not want solutions though. what he was seeking was understanding and a heart that's open and indiscriminatory.

an electric blue Honda City passed by.

from then on, i had become both a friend and cousin to him. we went out together, invaded the mall arcades and ruled our way up in dance revo. he was such an expert in following those arrows and even modifying steps to make it more of a hiphop dance and not cha-cha. the two of us can dance to any beat. at times, we danced the night away and did videoke singing until our throats gave up.

an elegant silver Ford Lynx passed by, then the rain started showering down.

i can see the magnificent cadence of the golden raindrops from the light of the lamp post at the corner. the cold wind rushed past my direction and made me quiver. yet, the smell of the fume of the road irritated my nose. my eyes mechanically seemed to shut itself and i somewhat heard my comfy bed calling me. i didn't know i had been outside the house until 12:30 mn. i didn't notice the length of time my cousin and i had been talking. i waited then for a minute for another car to pass by.

nothing came.

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