Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the aged and the road

i stood on the other side of the road - my hair neatly tied in a ponytail, lips glossed and a freshly powdered face. confidently, i stood there. many people came and stopped to ask me where i was heading. i simply flashed my smile to them. some understand that i keep the answer to myself. some asked further and only got disappointed. they all asked me to go with them because i was alone there. it was perhaps a lonely scene, but i remained my composure.
still patiently i stood there as if my feet were permanently glued to the ground. i kept my composure for i didn't want you to see me lousy and ugly-looking when you arrived. you told me to wait and like an obedient little angel, i did. the sun was high up and my shadow was vertically flat on the ground. then i saw another shadow! for the first time, i moved and changed my position. i thought it belonged to you. i thought it was you. sadly, it was another man's shadow. he jolted as i did. to me was excitement, to him fright. he might have thought i was a statue and my movement scared him.
much time had already passed. i couldn't even figure out what was the date yesterday. yesterday. still it seemed only a day had passed when i started to wait for you. i felt my lips chapped, my hands wrinkled and grey hairs hung down from my crown. oh no! i thought to my self. i didn't want you to see me like this. i have aged! the grace and confidence in me were gone. i tried to stand upright but my back ached. my knees trembled.
tears streamed down from my eyes. horrible. i must have looked terrible and you saw me. you have seen how ugly i have become, and perhaps that was why you never came.
you told me to wait. i still remained there, standing slouched.

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