Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peter Pan's his name

neverneverland - a place where i don't have to grow old. i could stay as a kid, allowed to do whatever i please, without getting reprimanded. the place was heaven and earth combined. the Mermaid Lagoon was fascinating and the pretty merpeople sang with chilly gold voices. the waters were so blue, reflecting the sky above. kois abound, not piranhas. the clouds seemed like cottoncandies - fluffy and white. birds and butterflies added color in the atmosphere. the caves and forests were inhabited by the Red Indians. i met Princess Tiger Lily and she welcoemd me with a peculiar bird-like dance. different shapes of smoke came out from the orang-red fire put up at the center of the teepees. i tried puffing their cigar and found it minty and refreshing. the Red Indian tribe welcomed me with a dance of which resembled like a disco. we all danced to the sound of the hand-beaten drums and gongs.

then i was with the Children. costumed like a bear, squirrel, skunk, rabbit an a beaver, we acted like the animals. we played for a long stretch of time and weren't afraid of getting dirty and sweaty. we made fun of Tinkerbell's magical gold dust and sprinkled it on ourselves. We were flying! from above, i saw Captain Hook's pirate ship. i knew he couldn't lay a finger or a hook on me. i could hear the ticking sound from the crocodile swimming around his ship, waiting to finally gobble him up. trapped there, Captain Hook could not cause any trouble in neverneverland.

the dust's magic had rubbed off. slowly i landed into a tree - a house inside a tree. it was your home. the second i laid my eyes on you, all was complete. there was nothing else i could ask for. together, we wandered around the island. despite the threat of Captain Hook, i knew then i was safe. you were with me. you showed me what a wonderful world it was to be with you. you made me see things beautifully. you opened my eyed to reality.

i opened my eyes to reality and found myself in pajamas, lying on my bed and tears trickling down from my eyes. yet, the memory of such a place and time with you was still fresh and it will remain a memory.

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