Wednesday, January 23, 2008

faith, hope and love

as i was walking in our neighborhood, i got fascinated by the twinkling of the stars in the velvet blue sky. then i saw a shooting star. it happened so fast that as i was about to shut my eyelids and think fast of a wish, it was gone already. sayang, i thought to myself.would my wish come true if only i was as fast enough to cast my wish on that star?

despite that, i tsill believe that all my wishes - everything that my heart desires will come true. it is like Pinocchio who dreams of becoming a real boy. can apiece of wood turn into human flesh? Cinderella - a housemaid, dreams of only dressing up into a nice and simple gown and going to the royal ball. Ariel wishes to trade her tail with a pair of feet and walk on the shores.

what is similar in Pinocchio, Cinderella, Ariel and I is that we believe in what we wish for. people call it faith. it is also hope.

Pinocchio turned into a real boy and Gepetto became not his maker anymore but his father. Cinderella was granted by the Fairy Godmother an elegant pair of glass slippers to match her eye-catching ball gown. the Prince even danced with her until midnight and eventually she became a princess herself. Ariel made wrong decisions at first but then she didn't have to give up being a sea princess, a mermaid and a daughter to King Triton. she and Prince Erik fell in love with each other. not even Ursula can stop such powerful force of faith, hope and love.

though they are fictional characters and many think that only children believe in them, i seem to associate myself with them too. the world i exist in may be the "real world" and not an animation, but the desire of my heart throbs as strongly as theirs - as we see them in fairy tales.

sometimes what we wish for may not have been granted, but it shouldn't disappoint us. it should even give us more strength and courage to persevere, to act and make things happen.

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