Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Thing Called LOVE and THAT SOMEONE

L-lavish but laborious

O-open yet opinionated

V-vivacious though vulnerable

E-euphonic and exploitable

in this thing we call love, we become lavish in order to please someone. we become extremely generous and tend to give anything and everything to that someone. we do a lot of work and waste buckets of sweat to be able to exert such effort. it has become laborious already. the worst thing here is when the relationship becomes a work and a one-way process. one works out somethign for someone yet that someonesimply sits down on a corner and waits until the food is actually served.

when we love, we say we are open - open to accept the faults and frailty of the other, open to all questions and answers - all because of the reason of lovign that someone. however, when we get knocked out, we then limit ourselves to all the negative in that someone. we become opinionated and close-minded to how badly we see the situation. the mind then overpowers the heart.

love is vivacious - we are. we get inspired and moved by how in love we are. we get amazed by the sunset, the star-studded sky, the full moon and weep at teleseryes. we see colors everywhere and goodness in everything. we become high-spirited and does things with an ear-to-ear smile. but despite how animated we become in loving, we are still vulnerable to sadness and the pains of loving. though people who call themselves "experienced" say that we learn when we fall and get hurt, but it is such an unlikeable idea. human beings would always want to love and be loved and be happy in loving!

love is euphonic - sounding so nice and great that all people are enticed to get in love. it is like sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice, butterflies and stars and rainbows all over. all that we see become so nice and romantic. we even feel like singing or humming to the tune of our most-loved songs and think of happy memories. with all such goodness, love is exploitable. we make the best use out of it. we cannot deny that we tend to love someone because we think that we can acquire something (though in abstract) or can profit in the relationship that in the long run we only satisfy our own selfish desires.

what really is love? a friend told me that "love need not be defined or else its magic and mystery is lost." we can only assume and make round-about conclusions according to how our own hearst feel it. =)

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