Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mom asked me: Niuyon jud ka sa imo work?

I honestly don't know what to answer to my mom. I like the work but I don't love it - maybe yet.

My workplace is in Bonifacio High Street. Yes, it's a high-end commercial complex. What I'm trying to say is that shops like Nine West, Nike and Speedo, and restaurants like Italliani's are located here. These establishments get crowded usually in the evening by the rich and sometimes the famous. The landscape, fountains and simply the atmosphere have left me in awe during my first day. So basically, I like the workplace.

BayanTrade is a conglomerate of six major multinational companies. By just enumerating the names like Aboitiz, Ayala, Benpres, JG Summit, PLDT and UNILAB, I couldn't help but be proud that I belong to this company. The career offer here is great. I can see myself grow and be nurtured by the development path oriented to me.

My colleagues also have very impressive attitude and profesionalism. Most of them are young and very dynamic graduates of UP, Silliman and all the other Ateneo schools in the country. The BayanTrade culture is very hopeful and competitive.

So here's the point.

I like everything but I don't seem to love what I'm really DOING right now. I am assigned in the business process outsourcing unit. I don't have any idea why, of all business units, GSDC suited well for me - as they might think. I'm not really sure about this. I mean I haven't had the passion to speak to people. I can talk, but I've always had butterflies when it comes to speaking with sense - and especially that what we speak must be very helpful to solve our clients' problems. This unit is supposed to provide customer support to foreign clients from the three bigger world regions - Asia Pacific, America and Europe.

Until now, I still don't feel confident about this job. I think I can do more if I'll be in marketing, human resources and other units which require sweat and a lot of sweat. Perhaps it's because I am more exposed to such kind of work rather than sitting comfortably infront of a computer. Yet, I have also realized that MAYBE this work will hone me more into a wholistic individual - that my skills will be more diverse and developed.

Bonne chance for me.

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