Friday, June 13, 2008


The glowing light from the lamp post outside makes me feel nostalgic. Yes, very much. There's not much to do here in the office. I have scanned pages and pages in the worlwide web. I have tried my very best to keep myself busy. Friday the 13th. Nostalgic then.

Why on earth am I thinking of you? There are more things that must be inside my mind yet you blow them away. Sober - more than being lonely. Alone - more than being far away. Far away from the rest of the world where I've gotten used to, grown up, fell and learned. Perhaps, this kind of world will open up wider horizons for me. In what way - I question. Would this be a whole lot different? Would I survive without anything else in this new world which you and I have created?

I see tall buildings from my window. I wonder if our world is as tall and strong as those buildings. The velvet blue sky though reminds me that it is still dark - that the world had been dark. If then this reality comes into being, then maybe after darkness comes light that will illuminate and shine through everything and wake me up in this fantasy.

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