Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 Things I Love About Living Here in Manila

Almost 20 long years, I have never lived anywhere else but Cagayan de Oro. Except for my up-to-a-month long summer vacations to several provincial regions in Mindanao, this has been my first time to have lived in a place far from home.

Dress-down Friday in the office

I didn't have to ask my parents to allow me to work in Manila. They knew this kind of decision would come. They knew me so well that by the time I let them read my job offer, they did not bother asking me if I'm sure about going away from home. They knew that after graduation I had plans of my own and that I will have to fulfill my plans, dreams and goals somewhere else.

It was never easy during my first month in Manila. I stayed with used-to-be-schoolmates-now-colleagues in an expensive dormitory in Ortigas (which was of course paid by Bayantrade). It was like a life and death situation in my life that if I didn't handle my time and money well, I'd have to go back home, hear the awful words "I told you so" and become a loser.

Now, I'm very proud that I've been able to adjust to the lifestyle and pace of living in the country's capital. I know that I will become better here - that I can go back home with pride.

Here is a countdown of the things, people, places, etc. which give me a reason to love staying in Manila.

Booze and grilled food on Friday and Saturday evenings with colleagues from the South - my Manila family.
at Trellis in Market! Market!
Working with people from UP, Ateneo and La Salle.
Seeing a lot of celebs - actors and models I only used to see in the magazines.
Going to unfamiliar shops and dining places.
at Nike Park in High Street
Internet access. If ever it gets boring at home, all I have to do is take a jeepney-ride to the office to surf the net and watch movies and series from
Cooking, eating and sleeping. These are the most stress-relieving hobbies I do at home. I can do trial cooking (pasta, vegetables and grilled food), eating either at Manang's carinderia in the neighborhood or at the nearest mall, and also food deliveries!
at Tamayo's
Being able to buy almost anything I want. Shopping spree on weekends or just to window shop won't hurt. It also feels good being able to dress up at work. ^_^
Nice job in BayanTrade. Big opportunity for career development. Great work environment. Count in Bonifacio High Street and Serendra.

A Saturday with Sigi in High Street

Being able to go places - been to Bohol, Tagaytay and Laguna in just two months.
chillin' in Laguna and Tagaytay
Independence. Being able to live alone, discover more about myself and the world!

the Panglao, Bohol dreamers..

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