Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aylmeshooalfee. My Reply.

I've read Alfie's blog and almost cried. Well, I did in secret - trying to hide those tears and wiped them with my sleeves.
He will be leaving Manila for good for greener pastures. To Alfie, everything that we've shared and you've shared to me will be cherished.

Not because he is unhappy here and with Bayantrade.
But because he wants his career to grow and flourish.
Because he is a wonderful colleague - even if he had previous conflicts with some colleagues. But only because he is very dedicated with work.
Not because it's his fault.

Not because he is bound to meet the love of his life in Cebu. Perhaps.
Maybe because his love in Manila can only be for friendship.
But he had been brave to say that he thinks she is hot.
Because she lent her luggage bag to him.

Because he is a responsible son, thinking about his family all the time.
But I know he will miss his sister who is a nun.
Because for sure he will also miss his foster mom - Ate Janet and me - his foster sister. ^_^
Because the kaon sa kadlawon will also be missed.
And we will host an Inuman this Saturday at home.
Yes, with the hilak moments that we have planned.

Because he has been a mentor to me.
Because he has ever since been a great friend.
Even if our ideas clash. Yet we love shouting and arguing at each other.
Because...uhm, just because.
Because he was the one who encouraged me to run and become XELLO President - which includes becoming a UNITASS council senator and the English Department Head of STREAMs.
Because he was also one.
Because he taught me the essence of volunteerism, along with Ivan and Sigrid.
Because he contaminated me with such an incurable disease as Magis and Cura Personalis.
Because he caused all the mishaps I experienced as an organization president.
But because I have also learned to grow and become independent.
Because he encouraged me to work in Bayantrade.
Because he is my boy-next-door aka silingan.
And April and I will be moving in to his room once he has stepped out. -_-
Because the room we occupy had been his room as well.

Because Sigrid also left Manila for good.
But before the leaving part came Ivan, and the four administrations had shared a Yellow Cab in a strange place - Manila.
And those moments of tabi and more tabi will be continued when we all see each other in CDO.

There are more to these.
Because sometimes words can't express the exact feelings.
Because this is friendship.

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