Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Love. Get Hurt. Weep. Mourn. but never be Angry

Disclaimer: This is not about me, ok? XD

Breaking up with the person you have loved is like death.
You can hardly breathe from all the pain and sadness that you feel.
Your whole body gets numb and your brain seems to freeze.

You want to slash your wrist over and over again to make sure that you'll end up in the morgue rather than in the hospital.

Avoiding help from people, avoiding your own self.
Ashamed of the fact that you are hurt when once you have been the happiest person.

Going back to the person who have broken your heart seems the best and only thing you can do.
Yet you know that you're on the losing end.
To you, it's your last resort.
Now or never, you will beg the person to love you back.

You have done it but your intellect machine still couldn't process the answer.
You begged the second time.

You're willing to forget everything - every heartache she gives you, every bitterness you feel only to save your relationship.

But what if she isn't?

What if she has found rather has been in love with someone else. It's not you.
It's him - the other guy you loathe for barging in to someone else's relationship.
The face that haunts you until you-don't-know-when.

You feel angry, hatred, madness and whatever synonym there is.
You want to kick their asses for making you look and feel (and really) stupid.

But do not let the feeling consume your whole being or else you'll end up like them.
Be the monster that you want to be and you'll see yourself like the bastard who stole your girlfriend from you.
Be the very person you hate so much who dropped you off for the bastard.

Stop. Breathe deeply. Think.

If booze is not your outlet, then let something else be one.
Or, let someone else be one.
If you can't get it back from her, then someone else will.

Binuang mani na blog oi...

Bee: tell your freakin' gay X lover that he (it) is a bastard.
But don't tell his (its) folks that he (it) is a freakin queer. *quack *quack
Ant: it was a good thing you set a deadline for your mourning.
Kit: follow the mourning deadline.but i think you're over now.

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