Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I did not ask for the WORLD

Yet you gave it to me.

I have never been this honest in my entire life. Yes, I lie about my escapades. Where I've been, what I've become and what has been. However I feel that too much lying can only cause further pain instead of avoiding it. So, I speak.

One can never be too sure about the future. No one can never be sure what will happen next but it doesn't mean that we just have to leave everything to fate. We make our own destiny. To some, fate and destiny are two different things. To me, I can't find any difference. If things don't work this time, then maybe it can still work in the future - in a week, a month, a year or so. We can't stay blind with what we see, remain deaf with what we can hear and leave naive with how we feel.

It breaks my heart to say those things to you. In a way, I regret telling you but I stand firm with the words and feelings I've poured out.

It was never about standards. You knew that. If there should be, then it would be YOU. I never hoped for someone else but you. I never asked to give your whole world to me. I only asked for a corner I can share with you. I did not ask to focus your attention solely to me. I only asked to listen to what I say. I did not ask to be your queen and rule your kingdom. I only asked to share your time with me.

You asked me to wait. I will but I don't know for how long. I despise those who say they can wait until forever. That would never happen. I want to be happy. As much as possible, I want to be happy with you.

Still, I'll be there on the 10th of October in High Street waiting for your call.
Even if I do not anymore believe in the words "sorry" and "promise", I won't let this pass.

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betsybadoodles said...

i can feel your heart. aww! like this post ley.