Monday, September 29, 2008

When You Can Live Forever...

What do you live for?

I've seen the trailer of Twilight and I'm still fascinated at how Stephenie Meyer created the whole saga.

The characters were clearly defined in the book but I would still imagine the same Edward Cullens that I've been imagining when reading the books. He still had the bronze hair, pale skin, liquid gold eyes and wore Bella's favorite crooked smile. Everytime I finished each book, I can't help but get emotional. I imagined I was Bella and also tried to dream about the dark forest, the werewolves (or dogs, as the bloodsuckers would call them), vampires, the silver Volvo, the noisy old truck and Edward getting inside my room watching me sleep.

Yes, I felt like I was Isabella Swan. She hated goodbyes, leaving, parting or whatever separation was called. She was a magnet for trouble and danger. She risked her life countless times. To top all of those, she wanted to become a vampire just like Edward.


To that I owe my three BIG pimples on my face, stinging eyes and light head.

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