Monday, October 06, 2008

(Veronika) Decides to Die

Insane. Crazy.

Stares blankly in space. Talks to own self. Cries infront of the mirror. Shouts and laughs without particular reason.

At one point in our lives, we've experienced these. Thus, we are all insane - in our own small world, we create our own character.

Insanity is the true freedom. Mental patients may not be crazy at all. It's just that they live their own lives and are not afraid to be reprimanded. They can freely laugh, cry, shout (and in Veronika's case, masturbate) without the fear of what the "sane" might say.

There was once a witch - so wicked, that he poured a potion in a public well. The potion would make its drinkers crazy. Soon, everyone in the kingdom was crazy. All except for the King and Queen who drank from their own well.

Devastated with the people's behaviors, the King decided to put laws that would govern them. However, since the guards also drank from the public well, the situation was uncontrollable. The people soon protested that the King and Queen descend their throne because they thought the royal couple were "crazy".

As the King decided to step down, the Queen suggested that they too drink from the well of insanity. They both drank the water and had gotten crazy as well. The people, happy with their King and Queen thinking that they came back to their "right" minds, lived in harmony in the kingdom.

We are crazy in our own ways.

As inspired from Paulo Coelho's Veronika Decides to Die

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