Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Away from Home

With my present condition, having a fractured leg, Papa told me last weekend that I should stay here in Manila for Christmas.
So, this will be my first time to spend the Holiday away from my family. Fortunately, Ryan also chooses to stay here with me.
I wonder how it will be. I'm thinking of working on the 26th and January 2 instead of taking a VL. I'm also planning to attend the Myx New Year Street Party (I think there is) and rock the first few hours of my new year. Maybe I could also "house hop" to my colleagues' places and celebrate with them. (Invite nyo 'ko!)
Have a lot of plans, eh? Well, that's because I'm confident that my cast will be taken off this or next week. And finally, I will be able to get rid of my pair of crutches. I'm currently looking for a person who needs crutches. I could donate it to a patient in a public hospital or in any care-giving homes.
Got a Christmas wishlist already?
Hmmm...I don't have any for myself yet, but I already have a lot of things considered to buy for my family.
Plane tickets and accommodation to Manila for Papa, Mama and Nana. We're planning to spend the summer in Tagaytay.
Vtech Challenger for Nana.
Nike Ronaldinho Indoor Soccer Shoes for Ryan.
A hamster for Demee, Jasfer and Jullianne (the kids in the house).

Nothing for me, as of now.

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