Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Travel Wish List

Kaya nga wishlist eh...

Treat my family to a Boracay/Pearl Farm/Baguio (whichever can be affordable by that time) vacation in summer of 2009.
Go Backpacking in China and South America before marriage and kids come.
Travel around Europe (too expensive but still hoping). Attend the London 2012 Olympics.
Enjoy HK Disneyland second half of 2009 with the kids.
Visit a friend in Malaysia and go backpacking up to Singapore.
Learn Niponggo especially when I will go to Japan with Papa.
Fly to Thailand with Mama or get her and Papa tickets to an Asian Star Cruise.
Go back to Bohol and Tagaytay with Ryan (as promised).
Pilgrimage around the Philippines.
Study in Melbourne (hoping the Aussie will keep or remember his word. Ha!).
Dance in the Sinulog Festival.

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