Monday, November 17, 2008

Those Dream Shoes on My Feet

It has been a year since I've been dying to buy a Ronaldinho indoor soccer shoes. Thanks to the inspiration I got from Ryan, I have been very observant when it comes to shoe types - indoor, outdoor, runners/milers/trainers, tennis, basketball and the rest of the types specially made for a specific sport/game.
I would have the chance to buy my dream pair this week but thanks to my injury, it hurts me more than the physical to buy those but won't be able to use them until after a few months.
The day I got into the accident, I was supposed to join the BTG Miles 5K Halloween Fun Run around The Fort.
Although Ryan insists to buy me those pair of shoes (especially right now that it's on sale), I simply refuse. I wouldn't want to just stare at it as it sits and smiles at me from the rack.
What I wear right now when I go to the office is my right-foot slipper (as in tsinelas). I can't wear my other shoes as they aren't flat soled and injury-friendly.

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