Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Gone for 2 weeks.

Flashback. The nightmare last October 31 at 8:30 in the morning. This meant that if I don't hurry up, I will be late for work. It's Friday so I decided to wear a white tee and jeans. I chose to wear flat sandals instead of the crocs. Hurry!!!!! Hurry!!!!! And my stomach was grumbling.

Down the driveway, in a matter of one second, I slipped with my left foot twisted outward. I tried to avoid the multicab which passed by and so I shifted the weight of my not-so-light body back and I knelt - left knee scraped to the ground and my twisted foot remained as is.
Thinking what happened was just minor, I tried to stand up but fell back. I asked help from Mang Alas to bring me back to the house. I couldn't help crying. At the gate, I was already shouting for Ryan's help. I couldn't work nor stand. I sat on the ground near the doorway when Ryan came down. After asking what happened, he carried me to my room and I was still crying. It was the MOOOOOOOOOOOST painful I ever felt. I was thirsty, I was catching for breath, I was crying like a baby, I was feeling cold and I felt like fainting.

Ryan checked my foot and it was really twisted - like there were some bones which were disjointed. He tried to massage it to ease the pain, but it felt more painful. I asked to be rushed to the hospital - nearest that I know of is Makati Med.

There I was, brought to the emergency room, sweat and tears flowing - I didn't know which was which. The attending nurse asked me to rate the pain, 1 to 10 - 10 as the most painful, I answered her 11.

So everything else happened. I just kept on holding Ryan's hand to ease whatever I felt. Since most likely the injury will swell, the handsome orthopedic surgeon only applied a temporary cast/splint so that if it gets too tight, the bandage can be reapplied. It was a simple or closed fracture of the lateral tibia - cut but fortunately it did not pierce the skin. I had some abrasions in my knee and foot. He scared me saying that it will take 46 weeks for my bone to completely heal. He also freaked me out by saying that it's either a cast will be applied or a metal will be inserted to keep the bone ends together. Aaaaaaack!

A week after that I went back to the hospital for an application of the plaster/cast. The Surgical Pavillion looked like a hotel but when I went inside the Recovery Room (since the procedure is only minor - compared to what I read in the whiteboard. You wouldn't want to know.) I saw five beds with machines that monitor the heartbeat of each patient. The patients were all sleeping or barely alive - some of them had tubes attached somewhere inside their bodies and other stuff that are really scary. I didn't like the scene. The sixth bed was for me but I only laid down on my belly and another really hunk-handsome orthopedic surgeon did the procedure. The nurse was also very friendly. While the whole thing went on, I was even texting and talking with the nurse. I kept the room alive! Hah!

And now. I will remain dependent to my crutches until 6 weeks or so. I really hope I can walk normally before Christmas.

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