Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rockiztah Challenge

Well, yes. Our company's Christmas parteh this Saturday is indeed a challenge to me and to every business unit. This year's theme is Rock 'n Roll. Parts of the program are the Recycled Christmas Tree-Making Contest, Suot Rockiztah, Laking Rockiztah and a Music Video-Making Contest.
I want to pull of some kind of a Glam Rock outfit but of course, adding some challenge is my leg cast and crutches. Thus, my decision to look incredibly fatal (hahah! halloween itech!) is nowhere near sanity.
So here's what I LIKE to wear (just madness):Yasmin's (from Bratz) white glam rock outfit. White and gold always go greatly together. Plus, it's very "Christmasey".
Or this black studded dress, t-strap heels, cuffs and skull with cross bones. It's chic!
Then the smokey eyes effect, pale or dark berry hue lipstick and killer lashes make the whole thing perfect.

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