Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday's SAP SRM training had been really "nose-bleeding" and boring. I flunked the exam part only because I interchanged the two damn systems which are R/3 and EBP. Is EBP the same as SRM? or isn't it the leading system in Classic Scenarios? Sheesh! And those items score 4 or 5 each! Passing rate is 70% and so here I am, bitter about that one confusion which caused me eternal humiliation. Damn!

Every once in a while I peeked at Betsy's monitor, to read her organized notes. One time, I saw that she was reading at some blog. The pictures and the long list of entries caught my attention. I asked her about it and she told me about how she really liked reading this Filipina Blogger's website, live journals, etc.

Her name is Helga Weber. Just be her family name you would immediately know what and how she is as a 23-year old lady. She does webdesigning and all sorts. Coolness. And she made it to the top ten of the Blog Awards. Greatness.

How I wish I can write as cool as she does. How I wish it's ok for my family and friends if I write about my escapades and other escapades one can think of. All the things I do here are, well, worth writing. I guess. Helga can write about kissing, booze, work, love, sex, men, bitches and party! Ain't that damn great?! And she doesn't think about comments and other things people would think about her.

Just a thought. So what if I would invent a person and express EVERYTHING I feel and write about EVERYTHING I do through that bogus person?! Huh!

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