Friday, December 19, 2008

So Early to Start the Day

Wow! I came in at 7:30 in the morning. ^_____^ after almost two months of getting late (but not receiving a single memo and not getting, yet?!) I got up early (thanks to Ryan, but I still wanna bitch slap him) and indulged in my morning ensaymada and instant coffee.

If not blogging right now, I would
get masochistic and run around the fort at least two rounds.
go to Fully Booked - if it's open, but it's not until around 11 in the morning.
watch my fave series in Surfthechannel.
sleep until my boss comes in at 8:30.
prepare my Petron output.
look at photos from the Christmas Party.
read Helga's blog and learn better ways of "bitching".

10 Things I'd Like to Do Today

1. Finish the Petron project.
2. Go to Fully Booked at lunchtime.
3. Go home early.
4. Slap my boyfriend when he comes home.
5. Eat chicken pasta salad from Coffee Bean - if only I have money.
6. Download the latest flicks for me to watch on weekend.
7. Send a Christmas greeting via the company email.
8. Stop working at 4 in the afternoon and take a yosi break with some colleagues. And when I get back from the break, I still am not going to work.
9. Get spa gift certificates for myself, as my Christmas present. (Thank you, self.)
10. Play with Peggy in Pet Society. I really miss her. (Meet Peggy - Ang Bisayang Baboy).

1 comment:

Helga said...

I cant imagine being up and out of the house at 730, thank goodness work for me starts at noon (and I'm still ALWAYS late, like I am now) =/