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75 Fun Facts about Xavier University

The Crusader Publication
an article by: Pamela G. Lico

1. XU began in a house on Burgos Street. The house was owned by the Roa Family.

2. The school that opened in 1933 was just for high school and it was exclusively for boys.

3. The year that XU was founded was also the year Cagayan de Oro became a Diocese.

4. In 1934, the estimated total amount a student paid for one school year was Php 44.00.

5. The American Liberator Bombers pulverized the campus during World War II.

6. The Xavier Day's before was more of a carnival. It had rides like the carousel and the ferris wheel.

7. The college department opened in 1938 with 57 students.

8. The grade school department opened in 1940 with 76 students.

9. The campus was twice opened to refugees, first in 1940, then in 1951. Both times because of a fire that razed Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro.

10. The school was closed on December 9, 1941, a day after the Pearl Harbor was bombed and war was declared.

11. XU became coed in 1958, the same year it became a university.

12. In the 70's XU's College of Agriculture won the Cheering Competition for three consecutive years.

13. XU's College of Nursing was closed in the year 2000 and reopened in 2002.

14. The student council (Central Student Government at present) was inaugurated on Novemebr 20, 1957.

15. Former Senator Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel Jr. was the first student council president. He was a third year law student during that time.

16. Fr. James Haggerty, SJ was commissioned by General McArthur as Chaplain of the Armed Forces of the Filipinos and the Americans. He would later be dubbed as "padre guerilla."

17. Congressman Rufus Rodriguez is an alumnus of XU.

18. Carina Dayondon, one of the first Filipinas to climb Mt. Everest, is an alumna of XU.

19. The stained glass windows of the Immaculate Conception were designed by Ryan Carreon when he was still in 3rd year high school.

20. Fr. Miguel Bernad, SJ designed the university seal.

21. The XU alma mater song was composed by Fr. Eduardo P. hontiveros, SJ.

22. XU's youngest president is Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ.

23. PBA players Jojo Lastimosa and Bitoy Omolon studied in XUHS.

24. SEAGAMES Karatedo medalists Joey Pabillore and Marna Pabillore are XU alumni.

25. The XU@75 Promotional video was created by Mayad Studios in Iloilo. It cost around Php 250,000.

26. Raul Rabe, former Ambassador to Washington, USA during res. fidel V. Ramos' Term, is an alumnus of XU.

27. Justice Jose Sabio once taught in XU's College of Law.

28. The puppy in the stained glass is Fr. Antonio Samson, SJ's.

29. Fr. Francisco Araneta, SJ made a promise to St. Francis Xavier: should the university charter be granted in time of the 1958 Commencement Exercises, he would rename the school in his honor.

30. A telegram on the school's approved University status grant arrived an hour before the 1958 Commencement Exercises.

31. Joe "eito" Alvarez, "a self-made multi-millionaire, successful businessman and Philippine timber tycoon who has his own Lear jet," is an alumnus of XU.

32. Nestor Torre, entertainment columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, is an alumnus of XU.

33. During XU Days, Fr. Ernesto Javier, SJ (Father-President from 1976-1990) went around the campus giving candies and coins to the kids.

34. Having stayed 14 years, the president who served the longest term is Fr. Ernesto Javier.

35. Philippine Presidents who have visited the campus: Diosdado Macapagal, Corazon Aquino, Carlos Garcia and Ferdinand Marcos.

36. XU began with 17 students.

37. As of this semester, S.Y. 2008-2009, XU's total university population count is 14, 811.

38. XU had 614 students when it was forced to close during WWII.

39. XU is currently a Php 2.9 billion corporation, making it one of the richest universities in the country.

40. XU is the only Ateneo school in the country with a museum building.

41. XU is the first university in Mindanao.

42. 100% passed in the December 2006 Nursing Board Exam.

43. XU's College of Law was the 1st runner-up awardee during the 1st Supreme Court National Moot Competition.

44. XU is mentioned in a bill in the Philippine Senate, in the preamble of the Mindanao Development Authority.

45. The Crusader publication received 1st place in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for the years, 1957, 1958, and 1962.

46. In the country, ADMU is the oldest Ateneo school but XU is the first Ateneo school to become a university.

47. The Crusader yearbook won 1st place in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in 1960.

48. The Chapel now stands where the gym used to be.

49. Stored in a secure area in the Filipiniana section of XU's old library is the complete and original set of the Philippine Islands (1493-1898) encyclopedia by Blair and Roberston. It was published in 1903.

50. During WWII, Fr. Haggerty had the library, lab equipment, and school records moved to an old mission center in Sumilao. Unfortunately, heavy rains destroyed the structure where the books, all 15,000 volumes were stored.

51. Xavier heights subdivision in Upper Carmen began as a housing project for XU employees.

52. When XU's Museo de Oro opened an archeological site in Butuan, it found artifacts that challenged Limasawa as the site of the first mass in Philippine soil.

53. The Hayes Avenue (the pathway along Loyola house) was a project of the CSG 1993.

54. The Three Companions Pavilion is inspired from Talaandig art. It is an answer to Fr. Villarin's wish for a more Mindanaoan motif for XU.

55. The 6th floor of the Social Science building (presently PE hall) was once a morgue.

56. The Drypond was once a fish pond.

57. The chapel stood where the statue of St. Ignatius stands now. It was a simple structure made of bamboo.

58. XU once had a grade school annex for indigent boys and it was tuition-free.

59. Once housed in XU's museum was the 'miraculous' statue of the "Birhen sa Cotta," the one relic left after the bombing of the Cathedral in WWII. The statue is now with the archdiocese under the care of the Bishop.

60. A Luna exhibit was once held in XU auditorium on June 13-17, 1959. It featured 78 original paintings by National Artist Juan Luna.

61. XU once had a radio station, DXXU.

62. XU's Sodalists once aired a rosary radio program on DXCC every Wednesday evening, It was called "Mary-time."

63. Then Father-President, Fr. Andrew S. Cervini, once organized a boycott of three CdeO sores fpr selling indecen magazines.

64. In the 80's, the Lucas Hall was a concert Hall.

65. A construction worker died during the construction of the SBM building.

66. "Tota Pulchra Es Maria," the words on the chapel's facade, is latin for "you are so beautiful oh Mary."

67. Thw word "Ateneo" is the Spanish and Italia form of the word 'athenaeum' which is derived from "Athenion," the temple of ancient Greece where scholars gathered to discuss Philosophy and Thought.

68. IHS, the monogram used by the Jesuits, is an abbreviation of Ihsous, Jesus' name in Greek.

69. A dinner menu from the 1st Malolos Congress in 1899 can be found in XU's Museo de Oro. It is the only one left in the world.

70. During the blessing of the old library building on August 15, 1964, Archbishop James T.G. Hayes, founder of XU, installed a crucifix made of molave wood that had been part of XU pre-war building, The crucifix can still be found in a room in the Filipiniana sction of the old library.

71. XU's first production was a moraliy play titled "Everyman." It was directed by Fr. Haggerty.

72. Tomas Osmena, Maor of Cebu City, studied in XU.

73. XU's oldest buildings are the Lucas Hall, Xavier Hall, and the Campion Hall.

74. XU is said to be an action towards the growing Protestanism in the city.

75. Until now the debate rages as to whether the name of the university should be chaned back to Ateneo de Cagayan University.

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