Monday, January 19, 2009

Grabbed from...

Carolyn... =D
What was the last conversation you had with your best friend about?
about the calamity in CDO...and she said nawala na sa map ang Isla de Oro..tsk3

Your most recent ex says he/she hates you, you say?
I hate you more. Hahah! Just kidding

Are you afraid of roller coasters?
YES. puked the last time

How is life going for you right now?
Good. Great.

Is there any meaning behind your profile song?

Do you believe what comes around goes around?

Is your best friend pretty/handsome?
Yes. How I envy her. Hahaha!

Do you trust people easily?
Not really.

What's the one thing that always gets you through the day?
Bearhugs from Ryan. ^___^

Do you give out second chances easily

What is your biggest petpeve?
When people make unnecessary noise. burp, sneeze, snore too much!

Do you like hugs or do you freak when people hug you?
I do..only when I like the person...hehehe

What color are your eyes?
Gray. Wish ko lang. =) Black.

Who made you smile today?
secret. n_n

Who do you like to spend your nights with?

Are you an emotional person?

Are you self-conscious?
Most of the time.

Current music?
from Secondhand Serenade.

Do you have an iPod?

How many songs, videos?

Who do you feel the most comfortable around?
Ryan, Mama, Nana and Papa

One thing you're looking forward to?
Payday! Hah!

What are you not looking forward to?
Heat in Manila

What are your plans for your next birthday?
Tagaytay with Mama, Nana and Papa

Do you even care about your birthday?
Of course.

Do you think anyone out there loves you?
I do.

Have you ever seen your best friend cry?
When we were kids.

What is the last thing you ate?

Who is someone you wish you could fix things with?
My sister.

Why did your last relationship end?
It's not really my story to tell.

Do you miss it?
Miss the last relationship? No.

Who is the 2nd person on your missed call list?

What were you doing at midnight last night?

What does your last received text message say?
"Lab, dli tka masundo karon...huhuh! Take care"

Whats the weirdest thing you've cooked in the microwave?

Are you offended by dumb blond jokes?
No. I'm not blonde.

How does your hair look right now?
Short. Grade school-ish

Will this weekend be good?
I really hope so.

What's your favorite number?

Look to your right.. What do you see?
Rather who. Betsy.

Have you ever done something to instigate trouble?
There were times.

What classes do you consider to be naptime?
I second the motion. RS.

Do you get attached to people easily?

Why are you online?
Work, work, chat, chat.

What happened 1 year ago today?
Went to school?

Have you ever been to Florida?

Has anyone made you cry recently?
YES. makalagot.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
I always do.

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