Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grabbed from...Another One



Items I'm guilty of are highlighted.

1. when i'm sitting next to someone who breathes so loud it sounds like they're snoring.
2. when people put me on speakerphone and i'm not aware of it.
3. when telemarketers call my house.
4. when telemarketers call my house and can't pronounce a name correctly.
5. when people read out loud when it's unnecessary.
6. finding one shoe but not being able to find the other.
7. when people constantly click their pens.
8. when people shake their foot so hard that you can feel it from across the room.
9. the noise utensils make when they're stuck together and you try to pull them apart.
10. when i'm in a line at a fast food restaurant and people in front of me take forever to
order their food.
11. when someone stands over my shoulder watching me while i'm on the computer.
12. when people don't do jack shit at work.
13. when i'm eating something and someone asks if they can 'have a bite' or 'have one.'
14. when friends invite me out somewhere then cancel at the last minute.
15. when people put their boyfriends before their friends
16. ...especially when they've been going out with their boyfriends for like, three days.
17. when people chew with their mouths open.
18. when people use the word 'gay' to describe something as 'lame.'
19. when my stomach growls extremely loud.
20. ...especially when it's dead silent.
21. when people say 'shhhhh.'
22. when there's no toilet paper left in the bathroom.
23. caps lock when people type. IT'S SEEMS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING.
24. when people don't use 'you're, your, their, they're, and there' correctly.
25. when things stick out of drawers.
26. when people get the hiccups and you're stuck listening to them.
27. the noise Styrofoam makes when you rub it together.
28. when hair strands are left in the shower.
29. when people don't use deodorant.
30. when people stare.
31. hearing babies scream and cry in a public place.
32. when people interrupt me.
33. when people ask me questions while watching a movie.
34. when you are hanging out with someone and they turn to another person and make plans
with them without inviting or acknowledging you.
35. when people borrow my stuff and never give it back.
36. lawn ornaments.
37. when girls wear bathing suit tops and nothing else on their upper bodies in the summer.
38. too much PDA
39. sitting in the movie theaters and hearing someone eating popcorn.
40. when other people around me talk during a movie in a movie theater.
41. when people obnoxiously ring the door bell.
42. when people change the channel on the tv without asking.
43. how hard it is to open a cd/dvd because of the stupid stickers on the top and bottom of the wrapping..
44. when people don't pick up their feet when they walk.
45. wHeN pPl tyP3 lyK diiS.
46. When People Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence Like This When They're Typing.
47. when people constantly get up in a movie theater in the middle of the movie.
48. when people don’t take care of the stuffs that they borrow from others
49. when people drag during lunch breaks
50. when two people talk so loud that I can't ignore them even when im not part of the conversation
51. when people borrow my G-tech pen or fiber point pen and drop it
52. when people touch me (and wont even say please) as they pass their fare to the driver
53. when public transport drivers do not return my .50 change and i cant ask for it because its too insignificant to cause some attention
54. when people press their pens so hard when they write that they leave engraved markings on the stuffs under their paper
55. when people are unaware of shaking the study-table as they write gracelessly
56. When people buzz me in YM, i think its totally unnecessary

Hah! Nakakainis nga ang mga taong ganyan...but guilty rin ako na nangiistorbo rin ng ibang tao! hihihi

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