Monday, January 26, 2009

People of the Year

I got this idea upon reading Super Bianca’s blog. Patterned from Time Magazine’s People of the Year selection, she posted stories of the Top 10 persons whom she got inspiration from and made a change in the year that was.

Likewise, here’s my list of the 10 persons deserving to be awarded as People of the Year in my life in the year 2008.

Ryan has always been present whenever, wherever I am. He’s my better half, bestfriend, boyfriend, confidante and everything else. I would always be his biggest fan and I would always be the loudest to cheer when he’s on the field kicking the ball. 2008 was such a year-filled with problems and challenges, but I’m glad we hurdled it together.

Papa has taught me a lot in life without meaning to do so. Hah! He may not be the most emotional but he would be the one person whom I can ask for any help. He helped me a lot, especially financially, last year. I am also thankful and proud that Mama has such a wonderful man in her life.

Ms. Elena Paulma was my practicum and creative writing teacher. More than being a teacher who discusses literature and linguistics, she became my mentor and inspiration to go through life despite all the challenges. She made me see light amidst darkness, true to the meaning of her name.

Kuya Ivan is a mentor, brother, leader and friend rolled into one. If he’s a food, then he would be my favorite Chicken Cordon Bleu II. He inspired me to aim for more and be able to pay forward the blessings I have.

Palang and the “grassweeds” (according to Paolo) made it on my list. She was always there willing to assist/help me when I broke my leg – even if it meant tardiness and extra load for her. Thanks to my batch mates for making my stay here in Manila fun and wonderful. I will always be thankful guys.

Dante Briones is the president and CEO of the company I’m working for. Bayantrade reached its 8th year in the industry with much hardwork and faith from the person who was automatically appointed as the president by default.

I have always been a fan of Super Bianca. Her blog inspired me to write about my humble opinions, adventures and feelings towards other people, life and more importantly, myself. I’ve been a fan since high school but it was in 2008 that I tried reading all her blog archives. She’s very beautiful inside and out.

Ate Janet is my wonderful landlady. I’ve lived in her house since May 2008 and living with her is a great experience. She’s a mother, ate and friend to all her boarders. Her grace and beauty inspired me that I can be who I want to be and that I am beautiful no matter what. I also look up to her and Kuya Bebot when it comes to raising wonderful children. Demee, Jas and Julianne are as wonderful and beautiful as their parents.

Zed and Marj were my best boy buds in college. I expected that the three of us would be able to march during graduation together. But due to some “reasonable” reasons, it was only me and Zed who posed for our grad pic together. Deep in our hypothalamus and aorta, Marj is always with us. I admire at how Zed speaks his thoughts and how Marj expresses his faith. Salam Pagar!

I became a full-fledged member of Oprah’s book lovers’ club last year. I get to read summaries and discussions with the members around the world and from Oprah herself. Her show has never failed to inspire me and others with different stories from real people.

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