Tuesday, January 27, 2009

French Tips and Hot Pink Toes

Last night, I felt such an urban prima donna. Not really sure though if I really fit into that kind.

I went to The Spa in High Street for a Total Nail Care and a Peppermint Foot Scrub. I badly needed the services since I last cleaned and polished my nails. It was last December's party when I finally took off the cast on my leg. I never wanted to wear open toe shoes and declare to the world my wonderfully beaten feet.

So there goes last night. They lent me a bath robe, pair of slippers and towel. (Though, I suggest that you bring your own bathrobe, etc since I got itchy immediately after I put the robe on.) I also had my own locker. The receptionist, housekeeper and therapists were very kind and polite. Before the scrub, I decided to take a hot shower, sauna and indulged in the jacuzzi. (You gotta go naked!)

After getting a cup of ginger tea, I asked for my session to be started since Ryan would wait for me. The chair was uber soft and comfy that I felt like dozing off. They also had a good stack of lifestyle magazines. Then the therapist started to put a lather of peppermint lotion and scrubbed all the callous from my foot. I decided to get a french tip and I chose the hot pink hue polish for my toes. I couldn't say I was happy about the service but I guess it was worth the try. The place is relaxing and has a very soothing aroma.

By the way, I only used the wellness subsidy from my office. So I think it ain't so bad after all. Next try would be Wensha.

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