Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know that you're a Kagay-anon when...

--- Read this from two friends in Multiply and thought of trying this myself ---

1. You are (at least loosely) related to the Neris, Roas, Chaveses/Chavezes, Echems, or Velezes. - Roas are neighbors, some relatives are related to the Neris, know a lot of Chaveses and Velezes, loosely related to the Echems.

2. You can make your way around the city with your eyes closed. - Yeah! I think I can do that. No matter how late and where I've been, I can still navigate my way back home (drunk).

3. You've memorized all the jeepney routes. - I know the routes. Thanks for living in the city proper/downtown.

4. You say words like chada and chui. - I do. Until now.

5. You've touched the waters of the Cagayan River. - I used to swim with my cousins after attending Flores de Mayo.

6. You've heard of the legend of the Giant Goldfish that lives in the Cagayan River (that if the city gets too noisy the Fish will wake up and cause an apocalyptic earthquake). - I've heard about this. Another version is when kids get too noisy (the Cathedral is near the river) the Oro (the big fish) would wake up and eat the brats.

7. You can identify the street name or address wherever you are in the city. – Even when there's no sign!

8. You know the places people refer to as Agfa, Mega, KSY, and Trendline. – Hahah. I used to stop at Agfa to ride a motorcycle when I get home from school (Liceo). And yeah, that's where stabbings happen (-fonzi).

9. You're familiar with the city's history. – Very familiar. Did a special cultural presentation in college and watched a play about it during highschool Foundation Day.

10. You've entered Makahambus Cave. – I haven't. :(

11. You've experienced white-water rafting in the Cagayan River rapids. – I hate I haven't. :((

12. Your deceased relatives are in Green Hills, Divine Shepherd, or in some other cemetery in the city. - Divine Shepherd.

13. You prefer Red Horse over other beer brands. – OO nga. It's just that RH is sold and servedin every kanto and tambayan.

14. You study in the city. – City Central School ^__^ , Liceo de Cagayan University and Xavier University.

15. You have stereotypes for each of the universities in the city. – I can still remember a text message about university stereotypes.

16. You've memorized the Cagayan Park View Hotel jingle by heart ("people stay in Cagayan... Cagayan Park View Hotel...") – by heart pa gyud. When I went to Davao, ADDU people teased us with that jingle. LOL

17. You've seen or heard the name "Kasama Tsui" somewhere. – Waddaheck! Motorela!

18. You prefer riding Altis taxis. – I do. Hahaha! And there are a lot of them. Number is getting bigger.

19. You've noticed that the jeepneys call out for you to ride them, not the other way around. – Yes. Here, most of the time you have to get in the middle of the street to get into a jeep/bus. Sheesh!

20. You frequent Opol beach. – Where else but Opol.

21. You frequent go to Limketkai Mall and SM. – Limketkai only. Even when I don't have money. Pabugnaw bah.

22. You've shopped at the Night Market. – I live near DVSoria. I always go there. Tambay and pabugnaw with my folks.

23. You have stereotypes against Ororama and Gaisano. – Not really.

24. You love Butcher's Best sisig. – Aylaveet. Though my uniform used to smell after eating there.

25. You boast about the fact that Ram Chaves, Mark Bautista and Aegis are from Cagayan de Oro. – I don't know who Ram Chaves is.

26. You've only recently been addicted to quek-quek. – Ryan and I are addicted to kwek kwek. We would go to the manong near McDonalds for some helpings.

27. You've been pick-pocketed in Cogon, Carmen, or Agora. – Nope. I hope never will.

28. You noticed that the jeepney drivers of CdeO are the worst in the country. – In what way? I think they're worse in a way that they don't return the 50-cents/1peso change of your fare and that they drive like they're going to hell (and I'm speaking about Bugo jeepney drivers).

29. You jay-walk without worries. – Yes. Unlike in Davao where a traffic enforcer would really call your attention or worse , charge you. Unlike here also that no one would dare to cross a street, unless he's aiming for death.

30. You've never experienced a typhoon. – Yes, I haven't. But sadly the typhoon last January hit the city badly, only I wasn't there.

31. You've heard of the kulto or serial killer rumors before. – I have. They're going to open up your chest and get your heart. Is that it?

32. You hear of bomb threats that never actualize. – Yep. Freaks me out.

33. You can buy pirated DVDs without worries. – Dibidi, bisidi. Hahah! Our suki is near Mercury Drug.

34. You've been to Eco Tourism Village. – A lot of times.

35. You've been to Mapawa Nature Park. – A couple of times for some horseback riding and nature trailing.

36. You think Cruz Taal street is the city's red-light district. – LOL.

37. You've noticed the irony in the fact that Patag is on a hill and Puntod is near the sea. – Waaah! True. not until now.

38. Dunkin Donuts in Divisoria is your preferred meeting place for outings. – True.

39. You listen to the FM radio program "Awards Night" on MOR 91.1 every Sunday night. – Not really. More of Campus Radio.

40. You know where Catanico Falls is. – in Cugman? or Gusa? Somewhere on those areas

41. You know who Stephanie Sol is. – Is she that famous now? Goodness. (-fonzi)

42. You've picnicked at High Ridge. – Yep. A nice view of the river!

43. You can identify places while looking down at the city from High Ridge. – I can!

44. You're familiar with the city's local politicians. – Yup. Knows most of them. Been with some of them.

45. You jog or play sports at the Pelaez Sports Center often. – Yep. Just near my place.

46. You've been to the Museo de Oro at Xavier University and La Castilla Museum at Liceo de Cagayan University. – Yes. Official tambayan in college was the Museo Cafe. They serve great carrot cakes.

47. You spend your Holy Week climbing Malasag hill. – I have, just once. Traumatized after falling from a steep area.

48. You give Oroham and Sler's products as pasalubongs when you travel. – Slers Chicharon is the best! My friends here love it too!

49. You think you're in the safest city in the world despite the wars raging in nearby towns. – True. Thank God for that.

50. You celebrate the Kagay-an Fesitval with a sumptuous buffet. – Yes! With all the Lechon Baboy everywhere!!!!!!!!!! ~drool~

Done. whew

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Angel said...

Just want to add something to the question about F.S. Catanico falls. F.S. Catanico is a Baranggay and you can access this place through Cugman. I know the fact that there are so many Cagay-anon's doesn't even know where this wonderful place. I was born in F.S. Catanico and until now my whole family still lives there.