Friday, May 22, 2009

Who says I'm ending my blog life?

Indeed, this is death. Without internet connection and the luxury of time to write about my escapades in life, certainly, this is suicide.

I miss the feeling of hitting the keys with my fingers continuously. I miss talking with friends over YM and Facebook chat. I miss viewing other blog posts and Multiply pictures. I miss sending and reading messages from Friendster.

Up to now, I am still struggling with the life I have. Life's never easy, especially when you're in my position.

Jeepney and MRT rides welcome me in the morning. Heavy traffic accompanies me when I go home. Sheesh!

Minutes of meetings, reprots, meetings, discussions, analyses, wastewater, World Bank, sewer connections, projects, Terms of Reference, contracts, Scope of Work, Bill of Quantities, project managers, Job Orders, contractors, consultants, negotiations, and this post will go endless.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. I have decided.

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