Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kung Gusto May Paraan, Kung Ayaw May Dahilan

Celebrating 9th anniversary of my company and my one year service, 100 posts in blogger, adjustment with work, one year of stay in the capital city and two loving years with the boyfriend.

9 years since Bayantrade ventured into the IT and supply chain industry.
Last Friday, everyone gathered at the offices - all who were deployed from elsewhere attended the celebration in the Fort and Makati offices of Bayantrade. There were food and booze for everyone. We all had a blast despite the lessening of costs, unsure performance bonuses and salary increase and small space that more than a hundred of employees had to share with.
BT's tagline says "Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan." Indeed, I had to agree to this. We all have our choices. If we like our jobs and our company, then by all means we have to do everything to continue the harmony. On the other hand, if we have a lot of negative things to say and we do not anymore believe in the cause, then resign. There's no point staying.

More than a year already have passed since I kissed my hometown goodbye and decided to work in Manila. Last summer was my first time to go home after that. Mom and Nana were super excited to see me. Imagine a little girl running to me with her arms wide open ready to hug me. *awwwww*

I miss my niece. I miss Mom and Dad.

When I logged in to a few days ago, I didn't realize until then that I had posted 100 blog write-ups here! *whooot* 100 posts in five years?! Hahah! That's just like 20 in a year. Such a loser. Though it wasn't everyday that I get to write. I missed the way I used to write. My posts in friendster and multiply blogs always had their share of comments from readers/friends. But now, I'm not sure though. I couldn't even be consistent with my tenses and be cohesive with style and words. Argh! What a shame for an English Major.

And so I was talking about work and not being happy about it. Well, it was me who was talking about resigning to my friends and colleagues in the office. Yet up to now, here I am stuck in the desert. Hah! Thirsty for a good environment. Though my boss was telling me that I have been performing better than in the past few months and that he can see that I'm happy. Well, thanks to Jem for being there for me, aside from being an officemate but moreso for being a friend.

Two years with Ryan! *woohoo* And more to come!

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