Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Endless, A Silent Whisper

The title is from a song by a Cebu-based band, Urbandub. Reading the lyrics, the song speaks of both a hello and goodbye.

Hello. She joined her high school batch reunion last Christmas vacation. Although she was really hesitant (her friends didn't attend), her Dad advised he
r to attend still. Maybe, she thought. Just maybe I'm going to have a good time talking with friends I haven't seen for a really long time. Her hometown was sweet - it wasn't that big and everyone knew almost everyone.

The venue was at a beach resort on the outskirts of the city. She breathed heavily before entering the gate and hoping to text her closest in the gr
oup to fetch her. But when she exhaled, it was as if she breathed in courage to face old and familiar faces.

It was a lot of hellos echoing one after another. She beamed her most awkward smile and tried her best to greet everyone. Hi! How are you? They ate, laughed, talked, laughed, danced, laughed, played and laughed more than ever. Great idea after all. Before she knew it, she got drunk from that traitor rhum her classmates offered her. When she woke up, she went home right away and did not bother saying goodbye.

Goodbye. It was fun. It was great having fun with friends I rare
ly see. That was all she had in mind the next day. Still recovering herself from the hangover from last night's party, she received a text from her closest friend. Apparently, someone wanted to get her number but couldn't because she got drunk asleep and escaped home.

Hey! Then began their exchange of sweeter hellos and a catching up of stories untold over the last six years. He told her she was his first crus
h - that the first time he laid eyes on her, it stayed. All this he confessed. It was a good thing they were just texting or else he would see how flushed she was. With all his antics, she was immediately swept by his expert play with words.

They agreed to meet for the first time after the reunion one late evening. Both pair of eyes lit up upon seeing each other. Her hands trembled. His smile was like a reflection of a hard act he was trying to do. But they couldn't deny the
immediate connection even if there was nothing historical binding them. He talked most of the time. She laughed most of the time. The goodnight kiss she put on him was too short but nonetheless shocked him and disabled movement. She looked at his face, didn't want to say goodbye, and instead looked down on the ground and walked away.

Days passed, they talked more. She adjusted herself listening to him mos
t of the time. She also learned to insert and talk while he tried his best not to cut her off.

Feeling it was only right to see each other one last time before she leaves the city, he picked her up after the New Year's celebration at her place. Again they talked and laughed, and savored each second they're together. This time, they sat closer to one another and he kept his hands glued to hers. Occasionally he would brush her hands on his cheeks and just stare at her. When she asked what's the matter, no word goes out. Goodbye. He handed her a chocolate egg to remind her of the sweet times they were together. Finally when it was goodbye, she embraced him, and they shared the shortest but sweetest kiss of t
he start of the end.

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