Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 8: A song to match your mood

Today's weather: rainy. Today's mood: gloomy.

When I got to my desk this morning, I quipped "Thank God I arrived before it rained". Then I thought deeper of things I should be thankful for.

My mood though matches the weather. Not that I'm not able to think of things to be thankful for but just because it's how I feel and look today. It's my non-shampoo day, it's laundry day and it's Monday. My hair just looks ugly and I couldn't find any decent clothes to wear to start my work week. To add, I have a really cute pimple on top of my nose bridge and my face is as oillllllly as ever.

Now, as I write this post, I am alone (Yes, there are office mates) because Matts and Bless have their separate meetings. I guess they'll be back on the last couple of hours before it's bye-bye. I know I should be busy with my final report for a client, the ISO audit next week and more account management tasks to work out. It's just that I don't feel like getting giddy with work now. My mind is occupied with thoughts of the beach, a nice conversation, Tanduay Ice, Hard Rock photos (which Adeline still has to upload) and what good movie to watch this weekend. So, to match all these, here goes:

And I'm on my way to believing....

This chocolate bar hopefully gives me a better mood too:

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