Friday, October 08, 2010

Day 7: Your dream wedding

The boyfriend and I have always heard of people ringing the wedding bells for us. Three years they say, is enough for two people to finally tie the knot. Oh yeah, perfect - until they begin to realize building a house, getting our own car, paying more and more bills 'should' come first. I shall say this is a bit (ok, too) idealistic but come on, by all means if the boyfriend and I can make all these happen before we exchange "I Do's", then why not.

Just last weekend, Andrew and Tala handed over their invitation for their wedding on December. Andrew said it is our "passport", and he meant it literally. Here's a snap of our passport and boarding pass:

Super cute, ain't it???

Well, for my dream wedding, I would like to have it on a small chapel with very few people. I'd like to keep it really solemn and ask the guests to wear something white so it looks more heavenly and neat too! My bridal gown will be of my own design and the boyfriend will wear a white suit. The theme would be about nature and all decors will be green. The reception will be at a beach resort where there's partying. The party will be the complete opposite of the church ceremony. I'd slip my 3-inch heels with slippers and feel the sand on my feet. I would pull out my hair pins and put down my hair to be freely blown by the breeze. I wish it will also rain and the guests would be cool enough to join the dancing under the it. There will be overflowing beer and food for all! It will be the time that both the bride and groom gets drunk on their own wedding. People will sing their happy wishes to us. The kids will have their own party place too. Inflatables and a kiddie pool would be perfect. Then, to cap off the day, we will have a bonfire to warm all the sweaty bodies and the cold night air.

I would have to say that this dream is very achievable. We just have to wait for the right time.

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